Why You Should Have an Online Store 

Nowadays, the Internet has made it easier and faster to present, promote and purchase goods and services, with a 24/7 availability all-year round. The borderless economy and international market, that the Internet has created, is an outstanding opportunity for businesses across the world to compete and offer their products on the widest range of customers possible. Never before was it possible to reach such a huge pool of different customers on such a cost-effective and rapid way.


Furthermore, online customers are no longer limited to just their desktop computers since e-commerce is moving more and more to mobile. People use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops more, so it makes sense to be able to reach all of them through an online store.

Having an online store gives you the opportunity to grab people’s attention and showcase your products and services on an international scale and here are a few reasons why you should TAKE ACTION and start your online store TODAY:

  1. International Customers

With an online store you can attract customers from a variety of different cultures and countries, thus, immediately increasing your potential reach thousandfold. Furthermore, you have the ability to promote your products (or services), according to each country’s different culture, or attract potential customers from countries you would not be able to reach otherwise, regardless of distance and time zone.

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2. Availability

Customers will enjoy the all-round availability and convenience of purchasing what they want around the clock, thus increasing the likelihood of failed sales. A store that is open 24/7 will have a greater chance to sell anytime possible, without the restrictions of a conventional brick and mortar store and its defined opening hours.

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3.  Broader SKU’s and product range

Since you are now targeting an international audience, you have the ability to diversify on your offerings and products according to your customer’s needs and wants. Furthermore, you can add intangible goods, like e-books, online courses, and even personalized items, which will attract even more customers.

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4.  Better Conversion Rate

A store that offers 24/7 availability will most certainly achieve better conversion rates than a standard brick and mortar store. This is because, customers can purchase immediately, at any time of the day, without the usual restrictions of offline stores.

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5.  Digital Marketing and SEO Advertising

For any online store to compete globally, it is imperative to have proper SEO and keyword optimizations on the deepest level possible. Competition can be fierce in certain markets and industries and thus, it is crucial to have proper optimizations across the store. With good search results, a wider audience will find your store and visit it.

Moreover, social media is key with regards to digital advertising. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are just the tip of the promotional iceberg, which can be used to further advertise and shout your brand name across the world. It is imperative to have a steady flow of digital content on a weekly basis and interact with your customers as much as possible.

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6. Customer Interaction and Satisfaction

With the advent of social media, the rise of marketing platforms that can help you drive sales and reach to customers who are yet to buy or abandoned their carts in the midst of a purchase, will help in keeping in touch and making them part of your community. It is of great importance to always interact with your customers; actual buyers and potential ones, so as to increase the rate of returned customers, but also, attract new ones.

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Setting up your online store now will give you a competitive advantage over those who have not yet embraced the world of Internet Commerce. Times have rapidly changed and customers have embraced this new era of eCommerce, pursuing the quickest and easiest ways to make purchases.

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