What is a sales funnel?

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A sales funnel is the customer journey they will go through to becoming an actual paying customer. The main problem of companies is how to make browsing customers become paying customers. One of the solutions to this problem is the implementation of a sales funnel, especially with the increase of Internet purchasing. There are several steps to a sales funnel, usually known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, but these can vary according to each company.

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Furthermore, a sales funnel helps you understand the customer journey during the purchase process. All this information allows you to invest in the right marketing channels and processes, create the right messaging and turn more “browsers” into actual paying customers.

Sales Funnel Stages

Once a potential customer hears about your product or service until the moment, they actually make a purchase, they pass through different stages of the funnel. That journey through your funnel may change from one prospect to another, but in the end, they’ll evaluate it based on their interest level. They will think about the problem they’re trying to solve and conduct their research to make sure your offering is the solution they are seeking.

In general, there are four main stages:

1) Awareness
The “awareness” stage is where people first become aware of your product or service. They may hear about you from your advertising, social media, or even word of mouth.
An example of the awareness stage would be a customer learning about your company for the first time. Perhaps they clicked on one of your ads, read your blog, found your website via search, or even via word of mouth from a colleague or relative.
2) Interest
Once they have learned about your brand, they will evaluate it based on their interest. They will think about the problem they’re trying to solve and conduct research to make sure your offering is the best solution.
3) Decision
Armed with information about your company, potential customers will dig deeper into your pricing and packaging options. Sales pages, webinars, even calls are helpful in this stage to sway them and convince them to purchase.
4) Action
This is effectively the most important stage: whether the potential customer will make a purchase or not. If they do not, the deal isn’t lost. You can always create re-targeting campaigns to make sure you do not lose them.

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The success of Sales Funnels

A successful funnel must include the following:

1. Awareness – You create an ad to funnel potential customers to your site.
2. Interest – You offer something valuable in exchange for their contact details (leads).
3. Decision – Your content informs your audience preparing them for purchase
4. Action – Offering an irresistible coupon, then begin marketing to them again to expand customer retention.

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