How does content curation work for lead acquisition in Performance marketing?

Content curation accelerates marketing initiatives, increases trust, and improves lead generation, while also reducing content development costs.

If your goal is to create content for Lead Nurturing the best way here is to have a sales enablement content strategy in place, as it helps you pick the right content.
Social media will always be an attractive channel to build a relationship with your audience by slowly bringing it to the sales stage.
And for this goal content curation in social media and blogging is the premise that you don’t actually have to write or produce all of the content that you publish.
But you can provide via social media sales enablement content that is relevant to your prospects or leads at specific times during the lead nurturing campaign.

The following are examples of the usefulness of various social media channels :

-LinkedIn is very targeted and effective for B2B marketing
-Facebook is suitable for B2C product marketing
-Twitter is more direct and personalized in nature as it encourages individual tagging so that you can cater to a particular person, especially the influential ones
-Instagram is an ideal platform for using product images for marketing purposes
-Quora is a platform which provides a forum-type environment to people where a lot of business-related queries are answered, among others

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Οn all of the above, we will add that you don’t have to wait for a lead nurturing campaign to share content.
If you feel the content is helpful, you can directly share it with your prospects. But don’t forget that information is the key to get results.

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It is very important before you start to pre-define the criteria during the curation. It is very critical to curate and shares ONLY credible content.

We list the basic criteria :

1)Credibility – How trustworthy is the source of the curated content?
His the website where the content is published distinguished itself in a way that earns it respect among readers?
2)Relevance – Is there relevant information for your target audience?
Does it address their needs?
3)Validation – Is it possible to verify the accuracy of the content?
– Has the content creator linked to data sources, and can people who are quoted be validated?
Value – Does the content provide value to you and your target audience in the form of new insights, ideas, strategies and trending topics?

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A few more tips about content curation strategy in order to acquire leads :

1)Consider your audience and find which channels best suit their content consumption habits and preference

2)Consider what your competitors are doing in this field

3)Always track and analyze the audience’s behavior.

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