The primary goal of the Marketing automation Software is to automate marketing actions in a way that converts prospects into long-term and satisfied customers by giving them highly personalized and useful content.

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Marketing automation platforms were the second-highest technology investment priority for B2B marketers in 2020 after measurement and analytics platforms (Dun & Bradstreet’s report)

Today marketers using this kind of software because they need to do more with less with the campaign effectiveness, the marketing and sales alignment, and the lead generation.
Marketing automation systems send the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Thanks to machine learning, personalization now extends all the way to the level of the buyer’s journey and a simple marketing automation platform can now personalize website messages, recommendations for content, and personalize which channels a message is sent through.
In the most advanced marketing automation systems, data can be used to adjust and optimize workflows and to shape how content and data are managed through the customer journey.
Today maybe email is not enough, but SMS messages, social media, advertising, and messages and content on your website alsoneed to be in sync to get the results marketing automation can deliver
Multichannel marketing and conversational marketing should be combined and integrated in the context of account-based marketing and all these is served by Marketing Automation.

Based on our experience, there are really just a few key features that, if fully utilized, can significantly impact your business.
Here are the eight  must-use marketing automation features:

1) lead scoring

Lead scoring is truly an enabler.
You can use your lead scoring to trigger alerts to your sales team or to trigger email campaigns to individuals once they reach a certain score level.
Or you can just use your lead scores to segment a list to identify hot, warm, and cold leads.

2) Targeted Email Campaigns

Think about the content you’re creating for your website.
What segment of your contacts would your content speak to most directly?
Identify that audience and then send them a personalized email based on that content.

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3) Social Media Automation:

Social media automation is a handy way to seem to be available 24/7 and schedule posts in advance, thereby optimizing the effectiveness of your social campaigns.

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4) Website and CRM Integration

The integration with both your website and your CRM platform allows you to easily track behaviors and determine what marketing efforts are having an affect on your bottom line.

5)  Progressive Profiling

The biggest goal of your website is to generate leads and capture their information.
Marketing automation allows you to do this and take it a step further.
By progressively profiling your leads, you’re able to learn new information about them with each form they fill out on your site.

6)  Lead nurturing

The last must-have feature of marketing automation is lead nurturing.
Lead nurturing will help move clients from one stage of the buying cycle to the next, which can be a difficult task and require a lot of content creation and time spent researching
your personas and how they are interacting with your site but finally this is the most rewarding!

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7) Analytics and Reporting:

The ability to comb through insights from rich datasets and help marketers make informed decisions is by far the essential feature of any marketing tool.

8) Testing:

Some premium marketing automation platforms let you test your decisions and the effectiveness of your campaigns.
This may include A/B testing or multivariate testing of different versions of an asset.


About the Author :

Giannis Kintzios is a Google Certified Professional and Performance, marketing expert.

He is a passionate digital marketing professional with years of experience in planning, managing and optimizing digital marketing programs for web and mobile for a variety of brands.


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