What is E-mail Marketing ? And why does my Business need It?


E-mail Marketing isn’t dead, in fact, it has been revived again and again over the years, and with the latest advancements in Internet technologies, it has become one of the most powerful selling tools to any marketer and company out there.

Now, when small companies and organizations use email marketing automation software,  they can add value to Customer Experience with advanced customer segmentation and personalization capabilities and features provided by them.

How to choose a marketing automation tool?

Today companies can benefit from the ability to make countless condition combinations and break down their audience based on behaviors on their website or email to create extremely personalized experiences.
The emergence of social media, SEO, and social media marketing has only proven how valuable of a resource and channel email marketing can be.

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The reason for this is because email is a direct medium that reaches the audience. In fact, the latest reports suggest that 99% of consumers check their emails daily – that alone is an important reason to take email marketing seriously.

Furthermore, compared to other channels like TV ads or social media, email is considered a much more professional channel to receive information and can deliver more personalized content with the advent of email marketing automation.

Moreover, the majority of people worldwide have an email address. In fact, the number of global email users were equal to 3.9 billion in 2019 – a figure which will increase to 4.48 billion by 2024. Anybody who uses the Internet has an email address for sending and receiving messages on a daily basis, thus making email marketing even more important and the best channel for marketers and companies alike, who wish to reach an even wider audience and potential customers.

How to Get Started?

The most important step before you start with email marketing is to choose the appropriate platform to use and expand your mailing list.

The usual “suspects” in terms of choice are price and platform features.

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When choosing an email marketing platform, it is best to take the following into consideration:

a) A user-friendly editor, which helps with the design and customization of your email templates

b) Ready-made newsletter templates will save you a ton of time

c) Ability to test a variety of campaigns, including A/B testing, RSS, automation campaigns, etc.

d) Segmentation and personalization tools when targeting your audience to make sure they get the appropriate message every time

e) Various integrations with other applications and platforms, to expand further your tools and feature set

Once, you have chosen the appropriate email marketing platform it is time to grow your Email list and start your campaigns. Remember, perseverance is the key to growing your email list, together with the following:

1) Have a goal and a specific target

2) Always get people’s permission

3) Offer something valuable to grow your list even further

With all these in mind, you are now ready to start!

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