Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase Bookings

If you need to increase your direct bookings and of course the guest retention you have to apply a clear and transparent strategy.
These days sometimes simplicity proves to be very difficult due to the many options we have available.
However, it is not difficult to allocate time to study and segment your customers’ types and categories (hotel guest personas segmentation) and then make the most beneficial proposal they couldn’t refuse.
So this is a good start to plan your strategy but then you still need to take some important and clear “easy” steps.
Here are some very important parameters which should not have been omitted :

-keep your site as simple as possible
-simplifying your design
-improve the navigation
-speed up your Hotel website
-keep your website responsive or adaptive for mobile
-call to action is always essential for every landing page/email or other mobile and web campaign
-apply a funnel mapping ( you need easily map out your sales funnel )
-identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities
-don’t forget that the landing page is where potential guests are converted into paying customers.
-SEO, PPC or content marketing won’t help without the appropriate landing pages
-apply retargeting marketing and give yourself a second chance to win bach the fleeing visitors.
-always apply a ratings/reviews/testimonials strategy has the knowledge and experience to help you with additional vital issues to gain new customers.

You already know that you don’t have to rely on Search engine optimization alone because people who search hotels will see ads first because most of the screen is taken up by ads.
So we recommend bidding on Google Search / Display networks and of course on Google Hotel Ads.

Today Google Hotel Ads is the most profitable metasearch platform for hoteliers and now represents 65% of hotel bookings coming from metasearch engines.

The price model Google uses for these ads is the Commissions model ( pay per conversion ). So the average cost-per-click in order to get the conversion will vary but finally, you only pay if a conversion happens regardless of the number of ad clicks needed for this booking (conversion).
Therefore the Commissions pay-per-conversion bid strategy will determine what distribution margin you want to spend on your bookings.

For marketers operating in the hotel industry, there is a wide range of hotel marketing strategies to turn to. So before you start to implement any strategy be sure that you know your customer’s needs and you have the right propositions in the right and clear way.

About the Author :

Giannis Kintzios is a Google Certified Professional and Performance, marketing expert.

He is a passionate digital marketing professional with years of experience in planning, managing and optimizing digital marketing programs for web and mobile for a variety of brands.