As an initial response to the spread of COVID-19, Google is trying to ensure the quality and reliability of information for every business and location,
so that all users during this hard period of time will get the most accurate information when they search the web/mobile for relevant information.
These days many people will turn to Google to check what businesses and services are available so local data accuracy, including store/business hours, becomes critical today.

If your business is affected by COVID-19, you can mark your business as temporarily closed or you can change your hours of operation if you’re closing early and add more details to your description.
The updates will show on your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps.

Very briefly the basic actions are as follows :

1) Business owners can mark themselves as “Temporarily Closed” on Google My Business
All they have to do is to sign themselves in at Google My Business portal, hit the “Info” tab, and then click on the arrow to expand the section marked as “Close this business on Google.”
Once a drop-down menu appears, just click on the “Mark as temporarily closed” and that is it!

This feature is, however, not available for the businesses that haven’t shut down completely or have special work hours during this pandemic.
But these businesses can still update their status and renewed hours in Google Search and Maps.
2) Google will be using authoritative data from the governments and other reliable sources to bring this change automatically on the business listings.

For an accurate update please visit these pages below:

  1.  Businesses affected by COVID-19: Guidance on updating info and temporary closures
  2.  A further explanation via Google support forum
  3.  Businesses affected by COVID-19//Limited GMB functionality
  4.  For more information please read relevant content from Google Blog :


Please feel free to contact us directly during these difficult times. The team here is always available for any additional information or help.

Always protect your selves and your families and stay home till things return to normality.


About the Author :

Giannis Kintzios is a Google Certified Professional and Performance marketing expert developing business for Trackier in EU.

He is a passionate digital marketing expert with years of experience in planning, managing and optimizing digital marketing programs for web and mobile for a variety of brands.